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Elisabeth Strain is a fully qualified family law mediator and offers mediation and collaborative law services to people who wish to try to resolve family disputes.

Child custody refers to the care, control, and maintenance of the child. The biological parents have the right to make decisions about their children. However, if the parents disagree over who has the right to make decisions, families can approach lawyers to arrive at conclusions. The child custody lawyers provide support and chart the road ahead keeping all factors in mind. Our lawyer can help you arrive at a solution that is best suitable for the growth of the child.

Whether it is full custody or joint custody, our child custody lawyer in Nanaimo can suggest solutions that are suitable for your case. In single custody, the child may live with one parent and in joint custody, both parents share equal responsibility for the child’s welfare. In joint custody, both parents will have to work along with each other to ensure proper care of the child.

There are several factors that determine which custody to choose for a child. The ability of a parent, financial stability, physical and mental aspects of the parent, the child’s wishes and the parent-child relationship are some of the key factors. The courts will also consider the most suitable method for children if there are siblings involved.

If you wish to settle things outside of the court, you may do so through mediation. Our child custody lawyer in Nanaimo can guide you through the entire process and ensure apt solutions. You can also reach out to us for issues related to spousal or co-habitation agreements.

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Make your child feel secure of their lives even when there is a case of separation. Get in touch with our child custody lawyer in Nanaimo and ensure the best possible path for your child.

Child Custody Lawyers in Nanaimo

When there is a case of divorce or separation involving children, the utmost importance should be given to children in their best interest. Things can be complicated due to the emotional attachment that they all share. To make things easier and arrive at a collaborative solution that is acceptable by every family member, you can consult a child custody lawyer. In Nanaimo, you can reach out to Strain & Company.

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